Our Mission

Helping parent set the foundation of Biblical knowledge by providing a safe and encouraging place for preschool children to learn who Jesus is, how much He loves us, what His promises are, and how He helps us live.

May's Big Question: "Who should I share Jesus with?"

Go, go, go share Jesus with everyone you know, know, know! In this unit, Jesus tells all His friends to go into the whole world and preach God’s Good News. Everyone needs you to share Jesus with them, everywhere you go!

May's Adventure!

**This curriculum was created by https://open.life.church/curriculums/4-bible-adventure

Family Resources

Use these resources to have fun and reinforce the Bible Story with your children.

Story Cards

The YouVersion FREE Bible App for Kids –Is another great resource to engage your children in fun ways to learn about Jesus! https://www.bible.com/kids

Planning to Visit?

We look forward to meeting you and your children!

As First Time Guests, we encourage you to pre-register your child(ren) to make the check-in process faster when you arrive. Please try to register a day or two before you plan to visit. That will help give us time to put your information in the system. When registering, please be sure to give a mobile number for the adult(s) on site. In the event that your child needs you during service, we will send a text message.   Click here to register your child(ren).

Upon arrival at ROCC bring your children to the First Time Family Check-in station located to the right of the Welcome desk in the main lobby. Let the volunteer know that you registered online and need a security tag for your child(ren). The KidzROCC area is located at the end of the main hallway. KidzROCC Preschool is on the left and KidzROCC Elementary is on the right. Our 4-5th grade children attend our Preteen scene in the portable behind the building. Parents will drop off and pick up 4-5th grade children at the portable.

We look forward to meeting your family!


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